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    What Your Favorite Casino Game Says About You

    Your favorite casino game can say a lot about your personality. Whether you’re introverted, extroverted, analytical or competitive, there’s a game out there that fits your style. Read on to find out what kind of game you might most enjoy on your next casino visit.

    1. Slots – Restrained, Unhurried, Easygoing
    If you’re not as competitive and perhaps a little bit introverted, slots may be a great game for you. You have your choice of themes and modern slot machines have great graphics and fun mini-games. If you prefer slots, chances are you might have a more easygoing nature, but still enjoy having lots of fun.

    2. Blackjack – Intelligent, Flashy, Astute
    Requiring a unique combination of luck and skill, Blackjack is a more complex game than it might appear. Though the rules may seem simple, it can actually take a long time to learn how to succeed. Lots of patience is necessary, as well as good judgment. Blackjack has an element of drama to it as well, with the possibility for a big payoff if you play it right, so it can attract people who like a little bit of attention.

    3. Craps – Gregarious, Upbeat, Confident
    You can nearly always tell where the craps table is in a casino by its boisterous crowds of players rooting for the shooter. This game is perfect if you have a big personality and love thrills. Craps is a game of big risks and – if you’re lucky – even bigger rewards, so if you like to be the center of attention, it could be the game for you!

    4. Roulette – Introspective, Composed, Perceptive
    Roulette relies on both skill and luck and is an involved game that can be played for long stretches of time. Players should have a lot of confidence in their instincts and be composed enough to stay calm during high stakes moments. It’s a slightly quieter game, but that doesn’t make it any less thrilling.

    5. Poker – Determined, Shrewd, Rational
    To be a truly great poker player you need a combination of traits, including brains, composure and self-control. You also need the social awareness to be able to “read” your fellow tablemates. If you trust your judgment and can keep a level head even in stressful situations, then poker may be your ideal casino game.

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