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    The Merry Month of March

    As far back as the Roman times, March has been one of the longest months of spring, filled with many holidays to celebrate. In modern times, the most notable holidays include Employee Appreciation Day, National Plant A Flower Day, St. Patrick’s Day, International Waffle Day, and the first day of spring.
    Sure, it seems like every time we turn around it’s National Something Day (which might exist) but why not add some extra celebration into your regular weeks? Here are a few of our favorites happening in March!

    Employee Appreciation Day

    This holiday falls on March 6th. The first Employee Appreciation Day was in 1995 and served to focus the attention of all employers on recognizing and appreciating the work of their employees. Now, on this day, companies across the country go out of their way to show how much they care. This has happened with everything from free lunch, to a whole company outing, to an amusement park! Isle of Capri® appreciates and loves its employees, so of course we have to call this one out! We can’t ruin the surprise and tell you what we have planned, though.

    Plant a Flower Day

    March 12th is Plant a Flower Day. As the name suggests, the purpose of this day is to encourage everyone to plant flowers to give back to Mother Nature. Lula employees will join in the activities and plant flowers, while also encouraging the community to plant and donate flowers back to the Earth as well. This fantastic holiday encourages everyone to enjoy nature, fresh air, and the beauty that flowers bring. Young and old alike are encouraged to participate in this once a year celebration of spring. Even if it is still a bit chilly where you live, you are still welcome to join the fun by potting a plant indoors. When the weather turns warm, you can always move your plant outside or keep it inside and liven up your household décor with nature’s beauty.

    St. Patrick’s Day

    St Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th to honor Saint Patrick, the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland. This religious icon is said to have brought Christianity to Ireland. In Ireland, this day is a religious holiday where many attend mass and almost all businesses, except for restaurants and pubs, close for the day. In American cities, the holiday is often accompanied by Irish shamrocks, the colors green and gold, and rainbows. Cities will often throw parades accompanied by Irish food, drink, and music. To honor this Irish tradition, Calypso’s® Buffet Special will include Irish foods and of course… green beer!

    First Day of Spring

    March 20th marks the first day of spring. The first day of spring is astronomically defined as the day of the year when the sun crosses the celestial equator, also known as the Vernal Equinox. An equinox provides for 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night. The dawn of spring has long been celebrated as a time of rebirth, with holidays such as Easter, and new life beginning to blossom with the warmer weather. This event, however, does not always fall on the same day each year due to the discrepancy between the Gregorian calendar’s measurement of time and the actual measurement of time. Due to the inconsistency, sometimes the vernal equinox may fall on March 21st.

    International Waffle Day

    This deliciously syrupy holiday falls on March 25th. The holiday began in Sweden, coinciding with the Feast of Annunciation, and marking the start of spring in Sweden. This holiday is not to be confused with National Waffle Day, August 24th, which celebrates the invention of the waffle iron by Cornelius Swarthout. International Waffle Day is celebrated with the consumption of any and all waffle products. It can be enjoyed at home with some homemade waffles, or out and about where restaurants are sure to be serving a variety of waffle products. On March 25th, all dining outlets at Isle of Capri® Lula will have a featured waffle item. This could include waffle fries, ice cream in a waffle cone, waffles and maple syrup, or chicken and waffles.

    Historically, March has always been a celebrated time full of the rebirth, sunlight, and rejuvenation that spring brings. As we approach this merry month, we have much to look forward to. There will be plenty of excitement and celebration from start to finish. Highlights in this month include Employee Appreciation Day, Plant A Flower Day, St. Patrick’s Day, International Waffle Day and the first day of spring. Plan to enjoy each holiday this upcoming month of March.


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