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    How to Take a Selfie for a Chance to Win

    In this day and age, selfies are a part of life! Smartphones have great cameras which makes snapping selfies super simple! With the Big PigOut happening at Isle of Capri Casino Hotel® Lula, a great selfie can win a pretty sweet prize… $100 in FanPlay® plus $100 to Otis & Henry’s®! Some of you have mastered the art of taking a selfie will have no problem. However, those who need a bit of help can easily learn how to take a selfie, especially with these tips!

    But first, what is the Big PigOut? It is a mouthwatering barbecue event inspired by pork! It took over our restaurants to give you guys… the best BBQ on the planet! So where does the selfie come in? Well, all it takes is one selfie with our big pig suit – “Bacon Bits” – and you’re entered to win! You’ll know it’s him by the sign around his neck! Once you snap your selfie, enter to win the prize by uploading it to the Isle of Capri Lula Facebook page. A single winner will be chosen at random. Make the most out of your selfie! Now here’s the tips to make it all happen!

    Give Yourself A Once-Over
    Before taking a selfie, make sure you look good! There's nothing worse than taking pictures and then finding out you had something in your teeth. Take a second to look in the mirror or whip out that front facing camera. Wipe that barbecue sauce off your face and make sure your hair is on point. After everything is in order, find your target!

    Finding Your Target and Setting
    First things first, you need to find that pig. There's no doubt that he’ll stick out like a sore thumb, but to make sure, look for the sign around his neck. After that is taken care of, you need to find a suitable location for the selfie. The background can make or break your picture. You'll need to find an area that is not too cluttered or distracting. A general rule of thumb: don't take the picture in the casino. Not only is the lighting bad for pictures, but it's not allowed. Anywhere else will do, but a solid background will turn out the best.

    Make Sure There Is Proper Lighting
    Lighting is key with every picture, but even more so with selfies. Lighting will help to show off your outfit and hair. After all, what good is a picture if you can't even see yourself in it? Just find a light that's not too bright or too dark and you'll be set. To have even more control, you can choose to use the flash on your smartphone.

    Preparing Your Phone
    Your selfie is only effective if your phone is prepared. Check how much storage space you have to take the selfie. This might mean deleting any previous selfie rejections to make room for more. You'll want to make sure that you can see yourself. Many modern smartphones have front facing cameras to make taking selfies a cinch. Put it in selfie mode and frame out your picture. Make sure that the picture is showing everything you want and hiding everything you don't want. Don't forget to include that pig!

    Keep Steady
    Those with strong selfie game will have this part down. Taking a selfie requires a steady hand and arm. Movement in the picture will only result in blurriness. Because you're not relying on the help of someone else holding the device, you need to rely on your own strength. This may take some time to get used to, but try your best to keep your hand and arm steady away from your body. This will result in the widest shot possible.

    Snap Away
    Don't rely on a single picture. You probably won’t like the first one, so snap a few to be safe. The more choices the better, right? You can move your hand around slightly to capture different angles. In the end, you'll have a ton of choices that you can choose from, ensuring you submit the best picture possible.

    Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously
    As you're taking those selfies, have some fun! Some of the best selfies are the ones where people are having fun. Make faces, use props, and just be silly. It's the best way to capture your true self. Instead of being serious, let loose and make some memories!

    Editing can be a great way to make a good picture outstanding. While it may not be necessary, many choose to use editing to add a bit of pizazz to their selfie. With a ton of great free editing apps available, everything can be done from your smartphone. You can crop out unwanted portions of the picture, conceal blemishes, or just add a filter for some visual interest. Either way, you'll create a selfie that stands out.

    So you've finally got that perfect selfie with the pig...so what now? All it takes is an upload to the Isle of Capri Lula Facebook page. This can be done through the Facebook application or even through text. With many modern phones, pictures can be uploaded directly from the picture gallery. Either way, don't forget to “like” the page and tag yourself so you can keep the memory for yourself!

    We hope this blog helped update your selfie skills! Now come on in and find that pig so the $100 in FanPlay and $100 in Otis & Henry’s bucks can be yours! (Second place takes home $50 in FanPlay and $50 to Otis & Henry’s!) See you soon!
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