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    How to BBQ the Best Tailgating Food

    Football and tailgating have been paired together for decades, and it is a tradition that many people anticipate all year long. Tailgating is an opportunity for friends and families to get together and enjoy games, good laughs, and of course, good food. A tailgate party without a classic BBQ just isn't complete. Here’s a few tips, tricks, and recipes to help you BBQ the best tailgating food.

    1. Keep it Simple!
    There are plenty of tailgating foods that are delicious and can be made in a short amount of time. Whether you are hosting a large party or just cooking for some friends, you will want to have a few simple foods ready to eat while the grill is still going. Potato salad, macaroni salad, and dips are excellent low-maintenance foods, and will be a hit with the early eaters.

    2. You cannot have a tailgating barbecue without the meat!
    If you want to have an unforgettable barbecue, you cannot settle for plain hamburgers and hot dogs. Adding extra toppings on your meat, creating a special marinade of your own, and introducing new meats are just a few ideas to spice up your traditional tailgating barbecue. The key to good barbecuing is good meat and an added memorable twist of your own.

    3. Meat is not the only thing you can grill at your barbecue!
    in fact, there are dozens of delicious and easy grill-able appetizers that can be included in any tailgating barbecue. Many vegetables make great appetizers and can be thrown on the grill as well. Grilled corn on the cob and grilled mushrooms can be eaten right off the grill. A little more effort, however, can get you a remarkably delicious appetizer that nobody will forget, such as grilled cheese stuffed jalapenos.

    4. Finger food is a must!
    Your guests are not going to be staying still. Bite-sized or one hand foods are best when your jumping out of your chair for a touchdown. Skewers, wings, and bite-sized snacks are must-haves at a tailgating barbecue. For an example of a tangy twist on a skewer click here.

    5. Your tailgating barbecue would not be complete without something sweet!
    Savory meats and grilled veggies are not the only foods that can be grilled. Apples, peaches, and pineapples can be sliced and grilled alone, then served with ice cream. Even pound cake can be tossed on the grill, take a look at the recipe here.

    Don't forget these essentials when you are planning your next tailgating barbecue, and you are sure to throw a tailgating party to remember. Happy barbecuing!

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