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    Guide to Picking Your Favorite Beer Every Time

    Give beer the credit it deserves! The reality is, there are several different styles of beer, ranging from pale ales to stouts, and everything in between. Beers are even crafted to be paired with specific foods, much in the same way as wine.

    Otis and Henry's® is a beer drinker's bar. It has several beers available both in bottle and on tap, covering a wide spectrum of styles. A good bartender is like a tour guide for your taste buds, as they truly understand the differences in flavor between the different types of beer. Here's a guide to help you on your journey.

    Pale Lagers

    American-style lagers are the most popular pale lagers in the United States. This style of beer was popularized when Adolphus Busch founded Budweiser® in the 1800s. He was heavily influenced by the lighter lager styles of Germany and Bohemia as opposed to the darker ale that was popular in America at the time.

    Popular American-style lagers are: Budweiser®, Bud light®, Miller®, Coors® and Rolling Rock®. Beers like Corona Extra®, St. Pauli Girl® and Heineken® are pilsner-style pale lagers, which means they have more of a bitter hop finish. This is what people mean when they say a beer has more bite. The best foods for these beers are the traditional American bar foods. Burgers, fries and chicken wings are the go-to option for this light and refreshing style.

    Belgian Style Wheat Beer

    Belgian Witbier, or wheat beer, has become a popular choice among American beer drinkers. The most popular beer in this category on the market is Blue Moon®. The use of wheat gives the beer its almost white coloration and smooth finish. It's also known as "Belgian White" due to its color.

    This style tends to have a hint of citrus in its profile and is often garnished with a fresh orange to compliment this taste. Belgian Witbier is great to pair with seafood like crabs, lobster and mussels. It's also great for fried or grilled fish.

    Irish-Style Dry Stout

    Irish-style dry stouts are one of the darkest beers, which are produced using roasted barley. Guinness® is by far the most popular Irish-style dry stout on the market. This beer is thicker than the average lager or ale, so it is an acquired taste for some. It has a mid-range bitterness that makes it a great pair with Irish cheddar, ham, oysters and chocolate desserts.

    Vienna-Style Lager

    Vienna-Style Lager is characterized by its darker color compared to other lagers. A low bitterness level provides a smooth and dry finish. The most popular examples on the market today are Sam Adam's Boston Lager® and Dos Equis Amber®. This crisp lager pairs well with almond biscotti, grilled meats and vegetables and mild cheeses.

    Indian Pale Ale

    Indian Pale Ales, or IPA for short, are characterized by their intense bitterness. The IPA's flavor profile revolves around hops. That can be misleading since most people tend to think the darker the beer the more bitter it tastes. This type of beer is generally reserved for those who truly enjoy the taste of beer. Foods that go great with an IPA are sushi and blue cheeses.

    Within the wide variety of styles, every beer drinker will find the beer with the perfect flavor profile. Check out the complete list of great beers currently available at Otis & Henry’s.

    Bud Light®
    Miller Genuine Draft®
    Miller 64®
    Rolling Rock®
    Blue Moon®
    Corona Extra®
    Sam Adam's Boston Lager®
    Dos Equis Amber®
    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale®
    St. Pauli®
    Ghost River®
    Angry Orchard Crisp Apple®
    Goose Island Urban Wheat®
    Oxford Sorority Blond®
    Mike's Hard Lemonade®

    Otis and Henry's isn’t just a place to grab a great bite to eat. It’s a bar where you can grab and explore the ever expanding world of beer… while grabbing an amazing bite to eat! See you soon. Cheers!
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