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    Feed Your Body and Soul with Southern Comfort Foods

    There's nothing better than Southern-style comfort foods. These plates are packed with flavor and always full of Southern hospitality making for an unbeatable meal. Southern comfort foods are generally rich with starches and meats to fill you up! At Isle of Capri® Lula, we love comfort foods just as much as you do, and we're thrilled to tell you all about it.

    Picking a top 10 list of Southern comfort foods is hard, as they're all delicious! We've managed to narrow it down to the most popular soul food meals that you're sure to savor. These hearty and delectable morsels will treat your taste buds to the flavors they deserve. When the cravings hit, stop by Calypso's® Buffet for our catfish specials on Friday!

    The 10 Best Southern Comfort Foods

    Let your mouth water with our breakdown of the most popular Southern comfort foods. We've included delicious sides and dinner entrees to broaden your knowledge of fine Southern cooking. From starters to desserts, these soul foods will please your palate and keep you coming back for seconds!

    1. Cornbread
    These sweet breads are generally a side dish, and are served with creamy butter. Cornbread typically accompanies saucy barbecue dinners and spicy chili dishes for a succulent addition to your meal.

    2. Collard Greens
    Collard greens are generally cooked with fatty and salted meats like ham hock. Hearty and tasty, collard greens are especially popular around the holidays. These greens taste as good as they smell!

    3. Green Bean Casserole
    Green bean casserole is a delight of rich greens and broth. Southern chefs like to sprinkle it with nuts, mushrooms, and onions for an even tastier bite. Green bean casseroles are generally vegetarian to please the whole party.

    4. Sweet Potatoes
    Sweet potatoes can be made into pies, mashed, or baked into biscuits and served with rich sauces around the holidays. Sweet potatoes go great with a Thanksgiving meal or a Christmas dinner.

    5. Deviled Eggs
    Eggs are usually considered for a breakfast meal, but deviled eggs are generally served as hors d'oeuvres during a family gathering or holiday meal. Yolks are removed from hard-boiled eggs and mixed with mayonnaise, mustard, and spices before being served whole.

    6. Biscuits and Gravy
    Soft dough bread rolls are dipped into rich cream or sausage gravy and enjoyed during breakfast or around the holidays. These sides are perfect for colder winter months to keep the heat in.

    7. Pecan Pie
    Sweet pecan pie is baked with molasses, honey and, of course, pecans! This decadent dessert is usually served after dinner on special occasions, such as Christmas or Easter.

    8. Black-eyed Peas
    Black-eyed peas are called a "soul food staple!" These tasty legumes are eaten on New Year's Day for good luck and enjoyed with hearty dinners.

    9. Chunky Beef Chili
    Beef chili is made chunky-style with boneless chuck roast and zesty seasoning for a spicy bite. This meal is typically served with cornbread for dipping.

    10. Catfish
    Usually fried, catfish is the true example of Southern-style comfort foods. This piscine dish is served with a variety of yummy sides for a complete dinner.

    Catfish Fridays at Calypso's Buffet

    Now that we've got you craving Southern-style comfort foods, we invite you to Calypso's Buffet to try them out. We use locally sourced ingredients to create our delicious meals. Our menu items are made from scratch with dedication to Mississippi Delta style cooking and Southern hospitality.

    Every Friday from 5-10 p.m., Calypso's Buffet offers a tasty catfish dinner. We serve an all-you-can-eat buffet of baked, fried, grilled, and blackened catfish. For just $22.99, tax and gratuity not included, diners can indulge in this famous Southern dish.

    What are y'all waiting for? Come by Isle of Capri Lula and treat yourself to a Southern style dinner. Our Catfish Fridays are just what you need to nourish yourself during a night of gaming and fun!



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