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    Cruise Along and Enjoy the Trip

    Vacations sometimes seem like an impossibility in our lives, but the opportunities are there for the motivated traveler. Start making memories other than your daily commute this summer. We here at Isle of Capri® Casino Hotel Lula want to give you some reasons as to why you should take one of the most popular types of vacations: the cruise.

    See More, Plan Less

    Some people love to plan, but for most of us, it can be a pain in the neck. Cruises let you enjoy yourself without having to worry about whether or not a museum is open that day or if the restaurant will be overbooked. When you leave the planning up to someone else, you experience the peace that comes from being able to pick and choose what you want to do. Long plane, car and train rides don’t give you the kind of freedom you get from the spaciousness of a large ocean liner, where you can eat delicious meals whenever you want and stretch out in a nice comfy bed (with room service).

    Value and Convenience

    When you break it down, a cruise is a fantastic deal. Considering meals, tours and accommodations are all included, you’re getting a lot for what you pay for. It may not seem like it when you shell out the initial costs, but keep in mind that you’ll probably only spend money for souvenirs and drinks. (And you can keep those to a minimum!) In addition, you only have to unpack once, which is a huge advantage considering that when you’re traveling from destination to destination, it can be fairly annoying to continually have to organize and reorganize your things.

    More Options

    Cruises are now more than just giant ocean liners sailing at sea for days. You can find river cruises, smaller ocean-going ships, and larger ones packed with shows, casinos and more. There are so many different ways to vacation — cruise companies have done everything under the sun to fit every need. Go-to destinations include Alaska, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Tailor your choice to your taste and you can’t go wrong.

    Life’s A Trip!

    At Isle of Capri Lula, we'd love to get you on a cruise for free! Now through August 29, you can start earning entries for our Life’s a Trip promotion, where you could win a Carnival® Cruise or FanPlay®. Get your free daily entries, and earn additional entries with every 150 points earned. Every Friday and Saturday in August, there will be drawings at 7 p.m., 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. Make sure your entries are activated at least 30 minutes before the drawing, and then sit back and wait for your name to be called. Remember to like us on Facebook for more exiting gaming news!

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