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    BBQ and Your Holiday Meal

    Thanksgiving is around the corner, and the best way to celebrate this wonderful family day is with…BBQ for the Holidays! Really!

    Thanksgiving conjures up pictures of turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. Here at Isle of Capri Casino® Lula we’ve had so much BBQ on the brain we can’t help but make a few interesting suggestions for your family’s Thanksgiving menu!

    At Isle of Capri we take BBQ and Thanksgiving very seriously. Throughout November, the Calypso's® Buffet celebrates The Big PigOut, featuring lip-smackin’ BBQ, with all-you-can-eat slow cooked whole suckling pig. Sweet, succulent, and finger lickin’ good, this may just be the best barbecue experience of your life.

    Now that we’re talking BBQ and holidays… what might a BBQ Thanksgiving dinner look like? For those who are dead set on cooking this Thanksgiving, here’s a few DIY BBQ Thanksgiving ideas we’ve cooked up for you.

    First, you can’t go wrong with barbecued turkey! This recipe comes from www.barbecue-smoker-recipes.com and serves 12.

    Barbecued Turkey
    Preparation Time: 10 minutes
    Brine Time: overnight + 24 hours to dry
    Cooking Time: 4 hours, total Time: - 2 days

    1 10lb turkey
    4 oz. butter
    1 tablespoon cooking oil
    salt and pepper

    Method: The seasoning is pretty simple, just sprinkle with salt and pepper and have some oil & butter mix on hand to start the basting process. Melt the butter in a pot and add a tablespoon of oil – this baste will give all the flavor of the butter without burning it.

    Season and baste the skin of the bird and then lay breast side up on the barbecue. It may be necessary to use foil to shield the sides but that really depends on your barbecue. Put the cover on, cook at 225°F and baste every 30 minutes or so with your butter/oil mix and 3½ hours later you should have the perfect barbecue turkey.

    Test it with a skewer for clear running juice or a use a BBQ thermometer to check both the breast and thigh meat for a temperature of 165°F (74°C). If it needs another 30 minutes then so be it.

    Now this is one of the most important points about any barbecue turkey recipe; when you're happy that it's done, take it out of the barbecue and allow it to rest for at least an hour. This will give time for the juices to cool and settle in the flesh. Carve into it any earlier and you'll end up mopping the juice off the floor.

    Since you can’t eat that turkey alone, why don’t you throw some sweet potatoes on the grill!

    Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Lime and Cilantro
    Rather than traditional sweet potato casserole, these sweet potatoes can be grilled while the turkey is cooking. This recipe should serve eight to ten.

    Boil six sweet potatoes in the skin until they are just fork tender, and then let them cool.
    Cut each potato into six to eight wedges, brush with oil, and sprinkle with salt, pepper, lime zest, and cayenne pepper. Grill cut sides down on grill until golden brown, which will only take two minutes per side. Remove from grill, sprinkle with salt, and serve immediately.

    Green Beans, Barbecue-Style
    This unique recipe, a twist on traditional green beans at Thanksgiving, comes from http://www.redgold.com and serves eight.

    Preparation Time: 15 minutes
    Cook Time: 2 hours

    4 slices bacon, diced
    1 onion, diced
    3 (14.5 ounce) cans green beans, drained
    1/2 cup Ketchup
    3/4 cup brown sugar, packed
    1 (8 ounce) can sliced water chestnuts, drained

    Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Fry the bacon in a skillet; remove when crisp. Cook the onions in the bacon grease. Combine beans, bacon, ketchup, brown sugar, cooked onions and water chestnuts in a 2 ½ quart casserole dish. Bake uncovered for 2 hours.

    To complete your Thanksgiving BBQ feast, consider serving your BBQ feast with carrot and apple slaw with raisins, corn pudding, and jalapeno corn bread. While the flavors will be different and more unique than Thanksgivings past, all the elements of your traditional dinner are included.

    Of course, if BBQ is not your “thang,” try dozens of other marvelous dishes in the other Isle of Capri Lula restaurants or visit Calypso’s Buffet where you’ll find a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings on Thanksgiving Day. Whether you choose BBQ for the holidays, or to spend it with your Isle of Capri family, what’s important is to share fellowship with friends and loved ones, and count your blessings.

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