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    A DIY Halloween

    DIY projects allow you to be creative, unique and are easy on the wallet. Halloween is a great time to practice your creativity skills with all the decorating, treats, and creative costumes. DIY projects can also help you throw a great party last minute or on a tight budget. Check out these DIY Halloween party ideas for some spook-tacular inspiration that's sure to make your Halloween memorable.

    Get creative with your closet.

    Your Halloween costume might just be in your closet. Dress up as an iconic figure like Rosie the Riveter or even a wandering gypsy using clothes you already own. If you need extra jewelry or a particular colored shirt, try to borrow from friends and family, or head down to the local thrift store. You can also go the scary route as a mummy dressed in white and wrapped in toilet paper, or a zombie with torn clothing and cringe-worthy make-up. There's also nothing wrong with the classic ghost made from a white sheet.

    Use stencils to upgrade ordinary treats.

    Ever wonder how a baked good came out looking so perfectly decorated with powdered sugar or sprinkles? Chances are, the baker used a stencil. Use lace or paper doilies to sprinkle powdered sugar on brownies for a mid-century Jack the Ripper themed Halloween party. Place a spider cut out on a cake and sprinkle a chosen topping around it. You can also make a customized stencil using parchment paper. Let your imagination run wild, that's what DIY Halloween party ideas are all about!

    Transform a room into an eerie retreat.

    Make a room ready for Halloween in a jiffy with a few white sheets, cobwebs, and long, skinny sticks. Cover the furniture with the white sheets. Hang the cobwebs in the corners of windows and picture frames. If you don't have fake cobwebs on hand try using cheese cloth for a similar effect. Finally scatter the long skinny sticks or willow branches around the surfaces and tuck into candle holders. Keep a few black or red candles lit for that eerie candlelit light and put some black flowers in a vase. You can make black flowers by carefully bunching black tissue paper into the form of a blossom and holding the bunch together with some wire.

    Incorporating cute DIY Halloween party ideas.

    If you want to go the route of cute Halloween ideas, look no further than ghosts and jack o'lanterns with goggly eyes. Decorate orange tissue paper balls with triangles cut from black construction paper for a row of friendly jack o'lanterns. Drape white tissue bells, the ones you'll find in the wedding decor aisle, with cheese cloth. Then glue on plastic eyes or construction paper eyes for a grouping of ghosts. You can even wrap mason jars with cheese cloth and attach eyes to the front. Place votive candles inside the jars for some ghoulish mood lighting.

    Don't underestimate the power of spray paint.

    Sometimes going from ordinary to scary is a matter of a simple color change. Spray some old wine bottles and mason jars with black, dark purple, or dark red paint. Let dry then stick on labels that say "Poison," "Witch's Brew," "Mice," or anything else you can think of. Bonus points for filling the containers with treats that resemble whatever the label suggests, like grapes for eyeballs.

    Other items to spray paint black are those statues of animals that are popular right now, like owls and rabbits. Turn them from cute to creepy with the black paint and sinister looking red eyes. Go the extra mile with red glitter or glow-in-the-dark red paint for really evil-looking eyes.

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