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    5 Ways to Welcome 2016

    Congratulations! You made it to see another new year. The New Year sparks the chance for a new beginning and new opportunities. It's an excellent time to implement new goals and try new things. Whatever your goals are, you should aim to have fun! Here at Isle of Capri Lula, we like to set the New Year off right. Here are five awesome ways you can welcome it in today.

    1. Become More Active

    We’re going to go ahead and get this one out of the way. Every year, people proclaim “New year. New me.” And that’s great. We want to encourage you to put your health first. But being active doesn’t always necessarily mean going to the gym. Sometimes people get excited about going and then become intimidated and leave. This defeats the purpose. If you’re one of those people, why not try a cool dance class, or some other interesting outdoor activity. Do some yoga or stretch. Just move your limbs. Being active, not only helps you with your energy levels, but it’s great for your posture, too!

    2. Do What You Love

    Life's too short for us not to be happy. Oftentimes, people just go through the motions of life. You wake up, clock in at nine, and clock out at five. Then go to bed and do it all over again. This year, try to find some things that give you great joy and make the commitment to do them multiple times a week. If you like to play an instrument, play it. If you want to take a cool trip, take it. If you want to try a fun new hobby, try it. Don’t let your job, or other people dictate the things that make you happy. Find your joy and stick with it.

    3. Get Finances In Order

    Let’s face it. Money problems are a huge source of stress for many people. While money isn't the end all, be all of happiness, it certainly can solve a multiple of issues that keep people from doing things they love. If you’re in debt, considering implementing a financial strategy to pay down your debt. You may need to seek professional help for this and that’s perfectly okay! Sometimes, your money problems are a result of not being able to budget properly. Learn to be a better budgeter this year! And lastly, level with yourself about your job. If it’s not helping you pay the bills, make the commitment this year to find a better one.

    4. Let Go Of the Past

    The New Year is all about new beginnings. You may have went through a lot of crap last year, but that’s in the past now. Let go of the anger and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Feelings of sadness, anger, rejection and fear can greatly affect our stress. Your emotions can significantly impact your stress levels. Maybe there are some people or things that don’t deserve as much of your time this year. Get real with yourself. If those things are prohibiting you from being the amazing person you are, you’ve got to, in the words of Elsa from "Frozen," "Let it go, let it go."

    5. Enter Our Gaming Promotion

    Please forgive us for our shameless plug, but you know we had to do it. Seriously though, we’ve got some really great gaming opportunities for our guests to win some serious money! Think about how that money can help get the New Year started off right. Here’s some of what we’ve got going on for the month of January.

    • Win a Share of $1000: Drawings every half hour from 6-8:30 p.m. get one free entry when you play or swipe your card on the day of your drawing. When: January 25. Only Platinum and Millionaire card holders eligible.
    • $5000 Weekly Slot Tournament: Win your Share of $5,000 in FanPlay from 3:30-7 p.m. in the Tournament Area. When: Tuesdays in January.
    • Emotimania: Drawings 7 p.m., 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. at the Coral Reef Stage. Win FanPlay® or CASH when you play our fun new punchboard game. When: Fridays and Saturdays in January.
    • Reveal a Smile Scratch Off: From 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., receive a free scratch-off card each week! Scratch to reveal great prizes including FanPlay, bonus points, food offers and more! When: Sundays in January.

    We hope you’re feeling super inspired and excited for the New Year. Do something a little daring, go try something new, and don’t forget to enter our promotions. Cheers!



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