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    5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

    For this year's Earth Day, on April 22, spend some time appreciating Mother Nature. Earth Day celebrations include wildlife education, park beautification, and even encouraging people to change their habits to help the planet. Here are five ways you can celebrate Earth Day.

    1. Plant a Garden
    A garden can fit in almost any space, indoors or out. You can plant colorful flowers along your driveway, a patch of vegetables, or an indoor potted herb garden. Visit your local nursery to ask about ideal plants for your climate and to get plant maintenance tips. If you don't think you have a green thumb, look into easy-to-grow plants like cacti and air plants, which don't even need soil. There's a perfect plant out there for everyone!

    2. Take a Day Hike
    National parks offer free admission on Earth day. In fact, there's free admission from April 16-24 in celebration of National Park Week. Some state parks will feature the same deal, making for a great opportunity to enjoy beautiful surroundings and to spend quality time with family and friends while getting some fresh air.

    3. Watch a Nature Documentary
    If the weather is stormy or your days are chock-full of work and various activities, then stay indoors and enjoy a nature documentary. Choose from following a pride of lions, a family of monkeys, or learning about the rain forest. Your appreciation of nature will grow, as will your knowledge.

    4. Make a Lifestyle Change
    Small actions add up to big changes. When everyone does their part to protect the Earth's resources, the results are incredible. A few suggestions include: saving water, carpooling, buying locally produced food, using travel mugs when purchasing to-go drinks, and bringing reusable (and more durable) bags shopping. Take the concept a step further by including co-workers and friends. Consider making a pledge board at work, school, or church where participants can pledge what they plan to do and help keep one another accountable.

    5. Recycle
    If you don't already recycle, now is a great time to begin. Check your city's recycling program for guidelines on separating materials and for pick-up or drop-off locations. Don't just stick to plastic and glass bottles though; recycle your electronic waste. You may have to do a bit of research on where to drop off e-waste for recycling, but it'll be well worth freeing up the space that dusty old computer or box of discarded cell phones is taking up.

    At Isle of Capri® Casinos, we've taken Earth Day's community-centered spirit to another level. Our company founder, the late Bernard Goldstein, valued community spirit and social responsibility. In Mr. Goldstein's honor, we've launched Community Aces®, our charitable giving and volunteer program.

    Through Community Aces, we donate funds and support services to community groups, some of whose mission is to beautify the Earth. We also encourage our employees to be active within the communities which we operate. This Earth Day, consider donating some time or money in support of Community Aces. Together we can make a difference not just on Earth Day, but every day.


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