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    5 Tips for Dealing with the In-Laws

    The holiday season is ramping up into high gear, and after you get over your turkey coma, you have a lot of cold December days to get through before you can finally get some rest. In between finding the perfect gifts and trying to figure out the terrifying knot that’s in your Christmas lights, you might also have to deal with your in-laws. Of course they are great people, but you might want to consider these tips for getting along with your in-laws this year.

    Keep It Safe
    A few no-brainers. Never talk about politics, religion or sports with someone who has a hair-trigger. This is a little silly, but in general, if you want to keep relations going well, don't give them a chance to get heated. These topics are always powder kegs when you are trying to have a holiday, so stick with safe topics.

    Focus on how well your kids are doing, what their hobbies are and how cold it is this year. Sometimes, especially around the holidays, it is just a good idea to let things slide.

    Go See Them
    Might sound scary, but if you want to keep in the good graces of your in-laws, go to see them. There are a few benefits to this. But most importantly you will find that when you go to see them, you are offering them respect and convenience. Everyone in the world likes this.

    Get Them Out of the House
    Whether you are at your place or theirs, there comes a time when sitting in front of the television making small talk can drive you crazy. Remember that your in-laws are people too, and that they probably feel pretty cooped up. Everyone gets a little tired of holly and mistletoe, and sometimes, it is great to take a break. For example, at Isle of Capri® Casino Hotel Lula, you can get out of the house, get greeted by a friendly smile, and perhaps win big while you are at it. Heading out to Isle of Capri® is a great way to spice up the holidays and create some great memories!

    Feed Them
    When in doubt, you cannot go wrong by feeding them. When people are impressed by the spread you are putting on, you will find that they are less inclined to snipe or to be bitter. If you are not a cook, take the opportunity to take them out. When you want to impress them with quantity as well as quality, we recommend Calypso's® Buffet - conveniently located at Isle of Capri Casino Hotel Lula. Go wild, and have fun while you are doing it!

    Dealing with in-laws can be challenging, but with these few tips, you can keep it calm and regulated while you are ringing in the holidays this year! You’re welcome… from Isle of Capri!
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