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    'Rounding up the Beef' at Isle of Capri® Lula!

    Whether you love a juicy steak, smoked brisket or a rack of ribs, you'll be sure to find what you're looking for at Isle of Capri Lula's premiere restaurants during the "Rounding up the Beef" promotion this May!

    Isle of Capri Lula will celebrate National Beef Month with special menus at Calypso’s Buffet®, Otis & Henry's Bar & Grill® and O&H Express®. The restaurants will be featuring dozens of mouth-watering beef dishes, along with the standard restaurant favorites you know and love. Visit Isle of Capri restaurants to sample the many great dishes available only from May 1 to May 31!

    Get Grilling During National Beef Month!

    For the past few years, more and more promotions have begun during National Beef Month. The event, which is celebrated each May, coincides with the beginning of grilling season across much of the United States. Two of the month’s holidays, Mothers' Day (May 10) and Memorial Day (May 25), are among the most popular grilling days of the year.

    Before you whip out your fork, knife, and tongs this month, be sure to get your grill in shape for the season.

    Scratch off that charcoal grime! Clean the black buildup off of your grill before cooking anything this spring. Use a non-scratch sponge or brush to remove the grime from your grill's grates, burners, and interior. After all of the charcoal has been cleared away, give your grill a thorough cleaning with soap and water.
    Sponge off the exterior surfaces of your grill with soap and warm water.
    Be sure to scrub off your grill's grate with a grill brush after every grilling session. If you'd prefer to clean your grill the next day, consider spraying a vinegar-water mixture onto your grill's grate. After an hour, the grime should be soft enough to scrape off with ease.
    Check your grill's propane tank. Be sure the tank isn't leaking, and tighten up all of the hoses connecting the tank to the grill. Check your tank's gauge and refill the tank if necessary.

    Once your grill is in working order, you'll be ready to start grilling! Consider preparing hamburgers, beef hot dogs, or steaks to kick off National Beef Month at home.

    Beef: Fun Facts!

    Beef is an integral part of most individuals' diets. Even so, many of us know little about beef production and nutrition. The following are some interesting facts you may not have known about beef!

    Texas is the No. 1 state for beef production in the United States. The other top states for beef production are also located in the Midwest, including Missouri, South Dakota, Nebraska and Oklahoma.
    97% to 99% of beef cattle in the United States are raised on family farms.
    Two-thirds of the beef cuts sold at grocery stores are considered lean cuts of meat. This is the healthiest type of beef to consume.
    One serving of beef is only 3 ounces (the size of a deck of cards) and contains only 154 calories. Despite this small serving size, 3 ounces of beef contains half of the protein you need each day! To get an equal amount of protein out of other foods, you would need to consume 3 cups of quinoa (totaling 666 calories) or 6 tablespoons of peanut butter (totaling 564 calories). Beef is one of the best low-calorie sources of protein in the world.

    "Rounding up the Beef" Specials at Isle of Capri Lula!

    At Calypso’s Buffet, a new beef dish will be featured every day of the week. Both lunch and dinner specials will be available throughout the month of May. From beef fajitas to barbeque beef pizzas, you'll be sure to find a protein-packed dish to leave you full and satisfied.

    "Rounding up the Beef" lunch specials at Calypsos will include:

    Country-fried steak
    Beef stroganoff with egg noodles
    Salisbury steak
    Beef tips and rice
    Beef fajitas
    Beef quesadillas
    Asian beef and vegetables
    Chickpea and beef stew
    Smoked brisket
    BBQ beef pizza
    Grilled flank steak at the carving station

    Prime rib lovers will be excited to learn Calypso’s will also be featuring an "all-you-can-eat" prime rib dinner special during the month of May.
    At Otis & Henry's Bar & Grill, a number of beef-based dishes will be available for customers to enjoy.

    Monthly specials at Otis & Henry's Bar & Grill include:

    Country-fried steak (served at breakfast)
    16-ounce ribeye
    Prime rib special
    BBQ beef flatbread
    Prime rib French dip
    Mini beef sliders

    If you're looking for a filling meal without the wait, check out O&H Express. Enjoy speedy specials with O&H Express's "Rounding up the Beef" menu this month.

    May specials at O&H Express include:

    Philly cheese steak sandwich
    Triple-stack 100 percent beef burger
    Mini-style BBQ burgers
    Steak tacos
    Smoked brisket sandwich

    If you have an appetite for excitement, be sure to visit Isle of Capri Lula this May. Isle of Capri's many entertainment options will be sure to satisfy your hunger for gaming, dining, and fun!


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